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Museums Can Bring Exhibits to Life

Posted September 10, 2015 by in Uncategorized

Over 40 years the promise of virtual reality has intrigued people all over the globe. For the longest time, however, imagination far outpaced technology and most people found that their experiences with the cutting-edge medium left something to be desired. While it waited for the technology to catch up with users’ expectations, the field of virtual reality languished, relegated to gimmicky applications with less than ideal execution.

As technology advanced, the doors were opened for virtual reality to take its rightful place on the multimedia stage. Over time, users’ expectations of the medium shifted as well. Of course, people still expected virtual reality to be the all-immersive entertainment juggernaut that had been promised for decades. But more than that, they saw the potential for virtual reality technology to open new doors for education and research. And nowhere was this potential than in the countless museums and research centers that span the globe.

From Observation to Interaction

Museums have been around for ages and there’s no denying their inherent value as cultural institutions. Despite their worth, however, many people have notions of museums collectively as stuffy places of learning where things are to be observed from afar but never touched. That’s where Mobius Virtual Foundry comes in.

Imagine, for instance, a large natural history museum in a metropolitan city. A school bus full of children arrives for a field trip. The kids file into the museum’s grand lobby and are met by the skeleton of a massive Tyrannosaurus rex. They’re in awe—after all, what kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? But after a minute or two, the T-rex loses their attention and they’re back to playing on their phones and shooting spitwads at each other. There’s only so much enjoyment people—especially kids—can get out of a static exhibit.

Now imagine the same scenario, only enhanced with Mobius VF’s industry-leading technology and production values. The same T-rex is there to meet the school children—only this time it’s augmented by virtual reality. The children don’t lose interest in the T-rex; instead, they’re rapt with joy and enthusiasm to learn. Rather than merely looking at statue of fossilized bones while a disinterested tour guide drones on about the dinosaur’s feeding habits, the kids are fully immersed in the Cretaceous Period watching the giant, realistic predator stalk his prey. This is the kind of immersion and interaction that has the potential to instill lifelong passions within people, kids and adults alike.

A New Way to Learn with Mobius

Mobius Virtual Foundry has the tools and the expertise necessary to transform education from a passive experience to one that facilitates a deeper level of interaction with the subject matter, and thus produces a better understanding of the issues at hand. This transition from static observation to dynamic interaction will set museums apart as must-see destinations in and of themselves and will help to instill within new generations a deep-seated passion for learning.

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