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How The Military Can Use Virtual Reality

Posted December 28, 2015 by in Uncategorized

The military has long been one of the more technologically advanced segments of society. With billions of dollars in government funding annually and a never-ending supply of crises around the world to prepare for, it’s no wonder the military has a reputation built in part on technological superiority.

Despite the technological advancements made in some parts of the military, the organization as a whole suffers from many outdated methodologies and a surplus of old-fashioned solutions to modern day problems. In short, the military could use a breath of technological fresh air from the private sector.

New Technology to Help Solve Old Problems

The military is massive. Millions of people working today are directly or indirectly involved with some aspect of the military. And, like all massive operations, inefficiencies and impracticalities are sure to crop up from time to time, no matter how well run the organization is. That’s where new technologies may be able to step in and shoulder some of the burden.

Technologies like virtual reality are poised to play a major role in military operations going forward. Things that were once impossible or extremely difficult become manageable and effective with the help of virtual reality. For example, detailed vehicle simulations currently require either deactivated vehicles (impractical) or expensive simulators (inefficient). With virtual reality, trainees immediately get realistic experience in any number of military vehicles without the need for expensive simulators. Virtual reality can also be used for real world combat simulations that accurately emulate the chaos and uncertainty of actual battle scenarios.

Under the care of a licensed physician, virtual reality can also be used to treat soldiers dealing PTSD. By reliving traumatic moments though the safety of virtual reality, therapists believe the effects of PTSD can be minimized or alleviated altogether. Much like with combat troops, virtual reality training can help medical personnel prepare for medical procedures in combat.

Möbius and the Military

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