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How Mobius Virtual Foundry Can Help Museums Tell Stories

Posted July 23, 2015 by in Uncategorized

Just like any other enterprise around the world, museums rely on a steady stream of visitors to keep their doors open. But unlike theme parks, movie theaters, and other venues specifically designed to elicit maximum levels of entertainment, museums ply their craft day in and day out by offering the masses knowledge, culture, and history. It’s an admirable pursuit, to be sure, but not one that typically has kids begging their parents to take them to the local natural history museum on their next day off.

What’s the Solution?

Museums need captivating and innovative methods to keep up with the competition. The core function of museums is to spread knowledge. Museums want to teach, but kids and their parents don’t want to trudge to and from static exhibits reading the same stilted text over and over. They want to be engaged; they want to feel like they’ve made good use of their time; more importantly, they want to be entertained.

That’s where Mobius Virtual Foundry steps in. Mobius is an industry leader in the emerging medium of virtual reality and an expert in creating engaging and immersive storytelling. Why read about the Pleistocene epoch when you can experience firsthand a herd of towering mastodons quietly grazing while nearby a stealthy sabre-tooth cat silently stalks its prey from the cover of the tall grass? With Mobius, visitors don’t have to imagine a thing. It’s all there right in front of them, just waiting to be experienced.

Cinematic and Immersive Storytelling

Mobius leverages its unique set of skills to operate at the sweet spot where technology, entertainment, and business converge. By creating immersive and one-of-a-kind thematic experiences, Mobius’ virtual reality technology is able to engage visitors in ways other competitors can’t. Mobius works with museums to make history and the natural world come alive. It enhances what museums do best (i.e. teach) and creates intriguing cinematic experiences that go beyond stating dry facts and figures and instead tell engaging and educational stories—stories whose impact will linger long after visitors have left the museum behind.

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