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How Advertising Agencies Can Use Virtual Reality

Posted October 12, 2015 by in Uncategorized

Virtual reality as a marketing tool for advertising agencies have made incredible inroads in the field of entertainment over the past decade. In the past, virtual reality was little more than a gimmick—something content creators used more for its novelty than anything else. Today, however, with major tech companies and large Hollywood studios jumping on board the VR train, it’s clear that the medium is more important than ever.

But the entertainment industry is just one area where virtual reality is poised to disrupt the market. Other sectors of the economy are equally—if not better—suited to take full advantage of the benefits of virtual reality. Take advertising agencies, for example. Ad agencies have historically been on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to marketing strategies and tactics. To see this, one need look no further than the early days of radio and television advertising, when enterprising ad agencies took full advantage of the new forms of media to effectively sell their clients to the world. Advertising agencies should embrace the new medium to attract new customers and build brand awareness.

Volvo Virtual Reality Test Drive

Virtual Reality Is the Next Step in the Evolution of Advertising

Much like radio in the ’20s and television in the ’50s, virtual reality is on the brink of mainstream adoption. And, like radio and television in those golden days, the advertising potential of virtual reality is enormous.

The primary goal of advertising agencies is to create awareness of their clients and to foster brand loyalty among their clients and their respective customers. Virtual reality is an ideal medium in which to do this. The advantages of virtual reality lay in the degree to which people interact with the medium. Because VR is a fully immersive technology, advertising agencies can utilize it to help consumers connect with and relate to their favorite brands in lasting and meaningful ways.

The Benefits of Advertising with Virtual Reality 

Advertising has traditionally been a passive medium. Regardless of how clever, funny, or impactful an advertisement is, it’s still something that, at its core, is being experienced passively by the audience.

With virtual reality, advertisers can flip that notion on its end. No matter its application, virtual reality is by definition an active experience. Advertising agencies can take advantage of the medium’s active nature and work with their clients to create interactive experiences that will resonate with consumers long after the moment is gone. Users can test drive concept cars that are still in the development phase, walk around movie sets with their favorite actors and actresses, or head off to do battle on a distant alien planet. The technology is limited only by imagination.

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