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Take Traveling and Tourism To A Whole New Frontier

There are several applications for Virtual Reality in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Users can now experience exotic and foreign locations without walking more than a few steps. Mobius works with organizations who are looking to expand their promoting and marketing efforts by offering 360° video equipment and guidance on how to shoot locations, so that potential travellers can experience the destination prior to booking a trip.

Virtual Reality allows potential travellers to explore exotic destinations before they book an excursion. VR can be used as a sneak-peek device that draws viewers into a small part of the location to which they’d like to physically travel. Hotels and resorts might offer a 360° virtual preview of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Colosseum in Rome all without leaving their room. This encourages guests to stay in their rooms longer, increasing the in-room spending for food, excursions and other amenities that can be offered.

Take Hotel Amenities to New Levels

Hotels can set themselves apart from the competition by offering unique amenities like detailed virtual reality experiences. In addition to free Wi-Fi, Pay-per-View movies, and fully stocked minibars, hotels can use VR to entice guests and enhance their overall experience. Mobius helps hotels engage with guests by creating a wide variety of VR content, from walking tours of a city’s most popular tourist attractions to flyovers of exotic faraway landscapes.

Local tourism boards can use VR to highlight everything the region has to offer. Mobius works with tourism organizations to create immersive virtual reality videos that showcase national landmarks, natural wonders, and other popular attractions. VR lets people experience destinations beforehand in ways that brochures and regular videos simply can’t.

Travelling Without Travelling

Mobius works with organizations in the travel industry to make realistic, enticing, and exciting VR versions of actual places. Rather than replacing actual travel with Virtual Reality travel, Mobius’ expertise allows those in the hospitality industry to sell trips better than ever before, by providing the most accurate visual information available: feeling like you are actually there.

Travel organizations are expanding their VR location libraries, with more and more locations being filmed for customers to experience. Mobius can offer assistance to travel agencies who are looking to get involved in VR travel sampling, by offering everything from strategic development to equipment usage.


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