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Connect with Attendees at Trade Shows with Virtual Reality

Posted November 10, 2015 by in Uncategorized


Trade shows are great places for businesses to create lasting and meaningful connections with vendors, clients, and customers. The value of the connections and contacts that are made at trade shows is immeasurable. The networking opportunities alone are more than worth the costs associated with attendance.

However, one of the main drawbacks with trade shows—and indeed one of the reasons some companies opt to forgo these shows altogether—is the sheer number of attendees. With so many people (vendors, buyers, media, and the general public) walking around most trade shows these days, it’s no wonder some businesses are abstaining. The costs and hassles associated with trade show attendance simply aren’t worth it to some companies if all their hard work and planning just gets lost in the crowd.

If Nothing Else, Be Unique

The best way to deal with overcrowding at trade shows, however, is to stand out. Many companies do this by handing out what’s come to be known in the industry as swag, freebies that range from pens and key-chains to t-shirts and umbrellas. Some hire scantily clad booth girls and guys to draw attendees in. Others enlist the services of celebrities for a few hours to come out and meet fans and sign some autographs. Don’t get us wrong; these can all be extremely effective ways to get word-of-mouth buzzing about your company. They all share one downside, too: they’re expensive.

A better way to stand out at the next trade show is to do something truly unique; something that will catch the attention of everyone walking by; something like virtual reality. In the past, virtual reality was little more than a gimmick—just a fun diversion that let people walk through poorly rendered computer environments for a few minutes. Today, however, the technology is state-of-the-art and the experiences are more realistic than ever thought possible.

Use Mobius VF and Virtual Reality to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Mobius Virtual Foundry is a boutique production firm specializing in creating high-quality virtual reality content. We work with companies to produce unique storytelling brand experiences that enhance and strengthen business-customer relationships and set companies apart from the competition. What better way to separate your business from your competitors at the next trade show than to invite your clients and customers to step inside your brand for a personalized, meaningful experience? While customers and clients will walk away from your competitors’ booths with pens and shoddy tote bags, they’ll walk away from your booth having taken part in something completely unique—a fully immersive experience specifically tailored to enhance your brand in ways never before done.

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